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Spartanburg Landscape Drainage Professionals

Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC is the go-to Spartanburg company for projects like landscape drainage. While plenty of companies claim to be landscaping specialists, few have the skills, knowledge, training, and equipment necessary to deal adequately with drainage issues. As our name implies, we're all about creating long-term landscaping solutions.

We offer beautiful landscaping design, but none of that matters until you've rectified any existing standing water or flooding concerns. Call us for unrivaled service excellence in all aspects of the industry.

Dry river beds

Dry River Beds

Landscape drainage doesn't have to look utilitarian, and dry river beds are a lovely way to create a natural-looking water management solution. You'll love the look and functionality of your dry stream bed.

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French drains

French Drains

An all-important aspect of landscaping for Spartanburg properties is implementing a method for water to escape without damaging your property. French drains offer a helpful approach that provides a more extended channel where runoff can escape.

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Channel drains

Channel Drains

Another option for landscape drainage is the channel drain. We'll make sure you get the correct placement and dept to effectively work for water removal.

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Drain basins

Drain Basins

Drain basins are a highly effective method to use to avoid flooding, as long as the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance are correctly handled. Call Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC, when you're ready to schedule service for landscape drainage to protect your Spartanburg home and landscaping.

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