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French Drains To Redirect Surface & Ground Water In Spartanburg

French drains

Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC is the local company to trust for all your landscaping needs, including exterior home improvements, property maintenance, and drainage solutions. We pride ourselves on quality work for jobs like French drains and have helped countless Spartanburg homeowners avoid yard and basement flooding.

How do you decide between French drains, catch basins, or another drainage system? We'll assess your property and discuss your options with you based on factors such as your budget. The primary concern is to make sure you're able to keep your yard and home safe from flooding.

Protect your home and take good care of your landscaping with French drains. You can count on our team to go above and beyond to provide you with stellar service and outstanding results.

Rock Drainage Ditch

A significant part of landscaping for Spartanburg properties is dealing with the need for drainage solutions. Most people don't even realize what goes on behind the scenes to try to resolve an issue or prevent a major problem. French drains are a proper solution to standing water up to more severe water issues.

Too much water can cause issues with:

  • Destroy otherwise healthy grass
  • Cause problems with mud, sinkholes, erosion, etc.
  • Threaten the integrity of your home's foundation
  • Lead to health problems

In many circumstances, a French drain is a better option because it collects water over the entire length of where the drain is, instead of in just one small, concentrated location. Gravity does the work of leading the water in the right direction, which is why proper planning is of the utmost importance.

A well-constructed French drainage ditch can last for decades. We'll install a quality drainage ditch and offer maintenance so you can get 30-40 years of optimal performance from your system. We're more than landscapers; we're solution creators.

Reaping The Rewards Of Proper Drainage

Water management solutions are vital for homes and businesses, especially those located in areas that are more prone to flooding. Let Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC install a sloped drain that still looks as attractive as it is practical to help alleviate the problem.

We'll help determine vital details like the placement, depth, and length, so you have an effective and long-lasting drain in place. Call us in Spartanburg to find out more about French Drains and other viable options to protect your home and yard from too much water.