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Sod Installation To Bring New Life To Your Spartanburg Exteriors

Sod installation

Sod installation is a highly sought-after way to create an instant lawn for your Spartanburg home or business. Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC can help you by installing sod that enables you to bypass the waiting period associated with growing a new, healthy lawn. Why wait for a prolonged time to get your grass growing when we can simply install it for you?

We offer the services our customers need to achieve the perfect landscaping, including work with sod and turf maintenance. Conditions don't always allow for quickly cultivating the perfect green lawn, and our team can offer other methods to achieve this. Plus, once you have sod or artificial grass in place, we offer the maintenance necessary to keep it in tip-top condition.

You can't have the home of your dreams without the perfect green grass. We'll use professional sod installation to provide you with a beautiful, healthy lawn.

New Grass Installer

Who better to hire for grass installation than the best team around for landscaping for Spartanburg properties? Having sod installed provides homeowners with an immediate lawn instead of taking the time and energy necessary to grow new grass from seeds. There is still some work involved in the initial transplant phase to help ensure that the sections of sod grass adapt well, but it's still easier and quicker than growing a new lawn.

It makes sense to opt for sod installation and reap other rewards, such as:

  • Prevent Erosion - The installation of sections of already established grass will work to prevent soil erosion.
  • Healthy Grass - Sod is cultivated by professional turfgrass farmers, so you're already starting out with healthy grass.
  • Less Irrigation - While sod requires watering about twice a day while becoming established, that's better than the four times a day necessary for the germination of seed grass, which takes several more weeks.

Let Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC provide the services needed to grow and maintain your healthy and beautiful lawn.

A Better Chance For Sucess

Choosing sod instead of seeding improves the chances for long-term success in creating the perfect lawn. There's also far less concern about having the ideal weather conditions to develop your new yard.

To find out more about sod installation for your Spartanburg home, call us immediately. It's time to provide yourself with the green grass your dream home deserves. You'll love the picture-perfect look we're able to create by installing healthy sod for your lawn and landscaping.