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Dry River Beds: A Cost-Effective Drainage Solution For Spartanburg Properties

Dry river beds

Spartanburg property owners love the look and functionality of dry river beds as a beautiful and purposeful landscaping feature. Partner with the pros at Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC, to create a look you thought you could only dream of.

Almost every homeowner faces a challenge at some point with drainage for their yard. Improper drainage can cause problems for your landscaping, yard, and even your home's foundation. The good news is that there are many viable options for correcting drainage issues, with dry river beds being one of the popular solutions.

Whether you have water that tends to puddle in your yard and take too long to dry up or need to create a pathway to divert heavy rainwater flow through your yard, we have a solution that will work for you.

Don't think you're stuck dealing with a soggy lawn! Let us show you your options so you can choose what will work and look best for your property. Choose us when you need landscaping for Spartanburg properties that look good and offer sensible solutions.

Dry Creek Beds

Dry river beds have become highly sought-after because they create visual interest and become a focal point of your yard. Of course, before making any major decision about your property, you should know more about the process and what it means for your lawn.

Dry creek beds may only see a little bit of rain or might be as full as a natural creek if you see a lot of rainfall. While you have other options like French drains, you'll love creating something that, if planned and installed correctly, can effectively prevent property flooding.

  • Excavate - Once we work with you to determine your creek bed's location, length, and size, we'll dig out the stream bed.
  • Fabric - The river bed is lined with landscaping fabric to help reduce the risk of weed growth.
  • Stones - We'll use gravel to cover the bottom and larger river rock for the edges.
  • Bridge - When applicable, we'll use flagstone to create a bridge.

We're eager to work with you and help you create a beautiful dry creek bed to improve your landscaping and prevent flooding.

Creating Natural & Organic Beauty

At Diversified Landscape Solutions, LLC, we're committed to providing you with the service you need and the results you deserve. A well-designed stream bed will have a natural look, with bends along the pathway and organic stone placement.

Choose the company other Spartanburg homeowners use for dry river beds, and call us now. We're excited to work with you and give your yard a stunning and functional water redirecting feature.

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