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Top Landscape Design Tips For Creating A Beautiful & Functional Yard

Top landscape design tips for creating a beautiful and functional yard

Are you planning on landscaping to make your yard look more beautiful or to make it more functional? The correct answer should always be about accomplishing both. If you're going to invest the time, energy, and finances into professional yard improvement, make sure you're getting the best of both worlds - curb appeal and innovative design elements.

Proper landscape design is meant to address existing issues and optimize your property's visual aesthetics. Working with a skilled and reputable professional will ensure success, but be prepared by knowing some valuable tips to help make the planning work to your advantage.

Form Meets Function - In Your Own Backyard

How can you make sure you're incorporating smart design work, so your landscaping successfully combines functionality and beauty?

  1. Know your trouble spots - Be upfront with your landscaper about existing problems you're already aware of, like flooding or soil erosion. A good professional should be able to spot other potential issues.
  2. Be realistic about maintenance - Savvy homeowners continue to use professional services for maintenance, but there's usually some level of upkeep in between that will be yours to contend with. Don't pick plantings or features that require more maintenance than you can keep up with.
  3. Include walkways and lighting - The most beautiful and functional yards have safety features in place. If you want to stroll through your yard in the evening, make sure you have a stable walking path with adequate lighting.
  4. Create flow and organic traffic ways - Your plantings and placement of hardscapes should help create a natural but not straight flow through the yard. Visual features and placement help direct foot traffic naturally to where you want it and the direction it should take.
  5. Think about every season - Keep your yard looking beautiful all year long with seasonal flowers and plants that thrive for their time of year. Otherwise, you'll have a lovely yard for part of the year and a brown and dismal looking one for the rest of the year.

Choose Experts Who Care

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